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Glossary keyword - Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server is a kind of server that shares the resources of the hardware and software with other types of the system. Virtual private servers are high-quality and financially friendly. Therefore, it is trendy in the environment of web hosting.

Features of Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server consists of several separate virtual machines. Each of these servers run with a particular operating system and conventional configurations. Also, it has server resources and tools. If the website creator shares one server with other websites, then RAM and CPU power are given free from those sites.

Here are the most beneficial servers which users prefer according to reviews:

  • Bluehost

  • InMotion

  • LiquidWeb

  • HostGator

  • HostPapa

  • iPage

  • A2 Hosting

Speed of the Server 

Server speed can boost the rate of performance of the website. It is especially useful for those who would like to increase the amount of traffic.

Resources Needed For A Private Server 

The number of resources for hosting a website differs according to sites. All will depend on the type and the size of the website.

The specific factors are equally important when the user opts-out the virtual private server:

  • CPUs — is the Central Processing Unit. In order to explain it in simple terms, CPUs are the brains of computers and are designed to execute certain tasks assigned by a user or something else.

  • RAM — It is vital for the working mechanism of servers and is used to store data that can be quickly accessed by CPU.

  • Storage — It is a memory space that is available for things like videos, images, web pages, contents, and any other kinds of data.

  • Bandwidth — It is an amount of data that flows between the server and the website.

Each virtual private server runs its own operating system. It creates an image that it is an independent server.  


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