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Glossary keyword - Web Site Traffic

Web Site Traffic

Web site traffic is the term used to describe the amount of data that is received and sent by visitors on any given website. This data excludes the traffic created by bots. Starting from the 1990s, web traffic accounts for the most significant part of internet traffic. The way to determine web traffic is to look at the number of pages visited, and the number of visitors themselves. This data can be used to monitor outgoing and incoming traffic to determine which parts of the webpage are popular. They can also be used to see a specific trend on a page by one country. 

The data gathered by web traffic can be used to build websites with more secure insight, and help remove any bandwidth issues. But sometimes, not all website traffic is welcome. Companies, for instance, offer fees for screen space on their websites in return for increased visitors. Third parties provide fake traffic, which is “bot” generated. Using fraudulent traffic can harm a website’s reputation. Sites also utilize search engines and search engine optimizations to increase their web traffic.

Web Site Traffic Analysis

Web traffic analysis measures and analyzes the behavior of visitors to an individual website. From a commercial point of view, website traffic analysis refers to measuring the business goals of internet marketing. Business goals of internet marketing allusion to web traffic can be data like which pages encourage visitors to make purchases. Google Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics, and Adobe Omniture are all excellent software vendors of website analytics. There are also many other on-page SEO techniques to boost rankings.


Web site traffic displayed by a site is the measure of how popular it is. When measuring the statistics of the visitors and data flow, it is easier to see any issues with the website and deal with them. This projected data then gives a user the chance to increase the popularity of the website.

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