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Glossary keyword - Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools is a simple and easy software mechanism that allows providing data and arrangement control of the website on Google. With its help, it is possible to appraise the performance of the site in search results. In 2015, Webmaster tools was renamed to Google Search Console. Unlike GA (Google Analytics), Google Search Console system is more focused on the technical part of your site and less concerned with marketing. This beneficial guide mechanism is entirely free of charge. 

Set-Up Process of Google Webmaster Tools 

To use the program, it is necessary to open a google account first. The second stage is to confirm the site. There are five significant ways of verification currently for Google Webmaster Tools: HTML tag, HTML file upload, Domain Name provider, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics. The easiest option to confirm the website is to complete the confirmation process via the Google Analytics account. 


A dashboard is a specific place when Google needs to interact with its webmasters. With its use, users can see new messages from Google and some of the relevant data for their websites. It will also inform about the pages affected with malware. Sometimes it can take hours to see any information in a dashboard. 

Site Settings

The site settings section allows to set the preferred domain for the website and decides the site to appear with the ‘www’ or without it in the search results. 

Advantages of the Webmaster Tools

Entrance to research statistics on Google, notifications about crawl errors and different types of computer viruses, spams, most advanced data about inbound links and outbound links, insights toward crawling and indexing activity on the website are the significant benefits of the webmaster tools. Google Search Console system also displays the users that how effective their target keywords can be.

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