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Glossary keyword - Wireframe


A Wireframe is a tool used to design the skeletal structure of a website and a visual model. It is sometimes called a screen blueprint or page schematic. A wireframe helps designers to form content and concepts of pages appropriately and know the preference about the website to build. Because its main target is what a screen does, there is no color, font choice, and typographic style in the wireframe. Wireframes are either sketches or pencil drawings on a whiteboard. 

What a wireframe does

A standard wireframe consists of three main elements that come together on a page layout. They are information, navigation, and interface design. However, the wireframe demonstrates the connection between these elements. 

Information design represents the placement of information to boost understand, as opposed to just looking attractive. It is mainly linked to data visualization and user experience design to create clear communication by displaying information effectively. Broad or specific audiences use information design to provide accurate and precise information for users. 

Navigation design has a group of elements leading users to move through a website. A website can have several navigation systems: local, global, courtesy, contextual, and supplementary navigation. 

Interface design consists of two functions, meaning that it selects and arranges interface elements to allow a user for interaction with the system.

Benefits of wireframes

Professionals from different backgrounds and industries use wireframes for several reasons. They allow designers (graphic, user experience, interaction), developers, and information architects to send their opinions to business stockholders or analysts. It gives a clear visualization of the structure of a website. Because clients may not comprehend some terms, a wireframe creates a clear interaction about the functions and usage of these features. 

Thanks to wireframes, it is easier to push usability to the forefront, removing color and images. In this way, a wireframe contributes to refined navigation, meaning that it allows people to use a test run of a site. 

Rather than focusing on all attractive sides just in one go, a wireframe makes the design process repetitive. This process allows clients to give feedback, which prevents additional costs and saves time from reworking full design tests.

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