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Gygzy is a research and review platform for users in need of various development or marketing services within the US. When the Gygzy team contacted us, they requested a comprehensive website with easy navigation and user-friendly content. Teaming up with Gygzy, our web development experts created a website where each category of services had separate pages and subpages. We added multiple filtering functions to help users find their service type and potential providers directly in a few taps. Our web design reflected the professionalism and reliability of Gygzy’s research and reviews with its sophisticated and approachable style.


Development Process

After getting all the specifications from the client, our team started working on several design and development drafts. We gave our client full control over the project and got their feedback before proceeding to the next element. As soon as the client approved the preferred project type, our team began the development process to deliver the end product in a short time period.

  • September 2019

    Website Design/Branding Drafts

    We provided several alternatives to the client and got the approval

  • October 2019

    Web Development

    Our team started the development process with pre-agreed goals in mind

  • November 2019


    We customized the website based on the customer’s feedback

  • December 2019


    Our skilled developers optimized the website’s speed, mobile compatibility, and other elements for better visibility in search engines

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