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Pironii makes various home & decor products out of sustainable materials. Pironii puts visual aesthetics at the heart of its offerings while emphasizing the importance of organic materials and environmentally-friendliness. Our task was creating a website that reflects the brand identity of the Pironii in its design and functionality.


Dimitar Tantchev


Design Process

In every stage, our team was inspired by the company values of Pironii: focus on environment and aesthetics. Hence, we kept the design minimalistic. Visual components of the website have simple lining and coloring, which reminds elements of nature. Our design team also used colorful animations on product photos, which activate once users touch the image and add some excitement to the simple design. We used mostly pastel colors on a white background to have an uncluttered, clean style for the website. The end result was simply amazing. Let’s get you through the timeline.

  • November 2019

    Design Agreement

    The client approved the design after reviewing and adjusting the draft version

  • December 2019

    Web Development

    Our skilled team members started coding the website

  • January 2020


    The website’s speed and mobile compatibility was optimized

  • February 2020


    After testing all the elements, the website was ready to launch

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