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Renegade Technology provides tech consulting services to its business clients. The company values customer relations and highlights its role in educating partners about technological transformation. When the Renegade team contacted us, they wanted a fully functional design that provides a premium user experience. We leveled up their request and created not only a website with high usability but also with a top-notch design that reflects the soul of the tech company. From its visual elements to back-end processes, our team dedicated efforts to build a website with a technological brand personality.


Kyle Bradford


Project Details

We wanted to showcase the client's service type, which made us focus on creating a high-tech brand image. Our team masterfully combined a bright red color with a dark background, which led to a sophisticated, minimalistic, and futuristic appearance. In all stages of design and development, we communicated the ideas to the client and got the approval for proceeding. It was our close coordination with the client that brought the website to its current form.

  • June 2020

    Web Design

    After getting initial specifications from the client, our team agreed on a sophisticated web design with Renegade Technology.

  • July 2020

    Web Development

    Our web development team started coding the website.

  • August 2020


    Before proceeding to the launch, we tested all elements of the website and got approval from the client

  • September 2020


    The Renegade Technology website was ready to launch.

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