In today’s world, businesses are always competing with each other. Therefore, you have to create an SEO friendly web design that can stand out in its niche using SEO. Search engine optimization draws organic traffic to your site, but also creates a better overall status of your website. You should consider building SEO friendly web design because it is your most efficient option. We, humans, are visually demanding, thus it is critical to create a compelling web design in order to improve brand reputation. Your customers are looking for websites’ blogs with outstanding graphics and which are straightforward to use. So it is essential to keep the right balance between the ease of use and the quality of your design. SEO friendly web design concentrates on infrastructure related to quality content because it will help the business get ranked in the long run.



An essential contribution of social media to SEO friendly web design


The second very important point is social media. Social media can improve the site’s reputation and make it seem like a legit business. Social media marketing not only helps a site to be engaged with people, it also helps your website to be accessible in the industry. Using social media can help you build a fantastic optimized web design as well as show your presence. Thus, social media is a significant part of the site’s web design.


How can blogging help you rank your website?




Another important thing which comes into mind is a blog. Blogging is a cost-effective way of connecting with your customers. You should enlighten your customers with your blog and establish your stand in the industry via the web design. Blogging is fairly straightforward these days. It makes your site interactive and beneficial in a lot of ways. SEO friendly web design owners will have an advantage of utilizing a broad variety of keywords and also help the website rank. So blogging is key to making your web design more SEO friendly which will increase the traffic to your website and boost your brand’s reputation.


Search engines have certain limitations when it comes to understanding content on the web. An SEO friendly web design always looks different from human users and bots. In this post, I am going to show you how to create a webpage will be easy to understand for both humans and search engine bots. You should share the information down below with your whole development team so they all can be on the same page about creating a responsive web design.


Indexable Content


For better performance in search engine listing, your most essential content has to be in HTML format. Photos, Java, Flash files, and other content which aren’t text content are often disregarded and decreased in value by search engine bots despite the cutting edge technology. The most straightforward method of making sure that the phrases and words you show to your users are easily seen to search engine bots is to put the content in the HTML on the SEO friendly designed page. Nevertheless, a lot more advanced ways are available for those who want better visual display styles or formatting.


If you would like to observe your webpage like search engine bots do, you can head over to Google’s cache tool to see what parts of your content are seen to the search engine bots. If your website is entirely made of JavaScript, the search engines will not be able to read it, and your webpage will have a tough time appearing in search engine results. Therefore, it is essential to include at least some text to tell search engines what your webpage is about. This is a very crucial factor to take account when designing a website.


Crawlable link structures for your SEO friendly website



Creating crawlable link structures is as vital as indexable content. Search engine bots will need links to your webpages to find and grade them to determine if they should appear in the results. Crawlable link structures help the bots crawl through pathways of your website and see the content they are looking for. A lot of beginner developers make a mistake of not structuring the paths of a site in a way that search engine bots can access. Those pages will not stand a single chance of appearing in the search engine results because of a poorly built website. Thus, it is vital to put links to all of your webpages in a way that search engines will have no problems accessing. Because if search engines cannot find your webpages, those webpages won’t exist for them. Clever marketing techniques, targeting keywords will not affect bringing your webpage into search results such as Google or Bing.


In which cases search bots cannot access my webpages?


I will give you common causes of why search engines cannot find your webpages. The first reason might be submission-required forms. If there is some survey or log in and password to access certain webpages in your site. If this is the case, search engine bots will be unable to access those webpages. Thus, those webpages will never be put on search engine results unless you remove the barrier between the webpages and search engine bots. It is an essential fact to consider when designing an SEO friendly website.



Search engine bots never use search forms to access content. Some people think that putting a search bar on their website will help everybody access every webpage on their site without a problem. However, robots never use such search bars. So those webpages which are only accessible via searching on the site will not be accessible to search engine bots and will be buried forever unless the owner takes action. Links which are embedded in Java, Flash or other plug-ins will also not be accessible by crawlers.


Consider creating a separate mobile website


Consider creating a mobile version of your website for smartphones or other portable devices to make a more SEO friendly website. A mobile optimized website is very similar to responsive web design from a mobile and tablet standpoint. However, it differs when translated to PC. These sites are built explicitly with mobile users in mind. Think of this as the mobile app designs look and feel like UBER. They are not made to work on stable platforms much like mobile responsive sites; these are also built and designed from scratch. In a time when mobile web browsing is at its peak, it is crucial to have a site that is easy to navigate.


A responsive or optimized site is much more preferred than other forms of websites. The last tip which comes into mind is the speed and loading times of your SEO friendly website. Responsive web design shows that your site has good page load speed and resolves requests immediately.  So it is vital to check them and address such severe issues. It is advisable to use SEO friendly web design to grab a competitive edge.




Whatever you are doing with your site, regardless of what and where you sell you as an entrepreneur have to make sure that you create an SEO friendly website. Optimized web design will help you in many different ways, even more than you can imagine. If you offer a fantastic product or service, then your business must be growing. However, your company’s growth potential could be hindered if you do not give attention to web design or social media page. By the time you create an SEO friendly web design, you will see that all the hassle you have gone through has finally paid off. World Wide Web is a vast arena of potential customers for businesses like you to exploit.