The search engine optimization process on a global level is different from SEO for small businesses that target specific niches. As large-sized companies target a broad audience, its optimization strategy uses a general approach. Meanwhile, small businesses with a limited number of potential clients should use slightly different techniques. The smaller scale of this optimization demands more attention to detail and unique strategies. For instance, a locality in small business SEO services is usually more dominant than in larger companies. Therefore, it is essential to generate custom strategies that will make the brand visible to its clearly defined niches. In this article, we share ten such methods for ranking higher in search queries related to small business offerings.

Small Business SEO Services

Yet, small businesses can achieve much more with professional help. Third-party SEO specialists have more experience and knowledge of the current trends or upcoming changes. SEO companies can create custom strategies for each client that will cater to their unique needs. Small business SEO services are more effective when it is done by people who understand the clients, research their weaknesses/strengths, and develop bespoke techniques. Plus, all those processes are affordable and do not require a fortune.

Utilize a Google My Business Account

My Business account is usually the starting point for small businesses that want to increase online visibility. The main aim of this account is to establish a reliable, consistent, and good brand image. If the account is managed correctly, then the linked business will pop-up in search engine result pages as well as on Google Maps. Yet, this process requires much attention to detail and effort. 

When creating an account, business owners should make sure that they include proper address, number, and business name. It is a good idea to indicate the business type, such as a corporation, limited liability company, etc. Owners and managers should also ensure that all the details are consistent with other platforms. For instance, having different phone numbers in the business accounts and official website can damage your reliability score. Additionally, it is advisable to add high-quality pictures of your goods, services, or brand elements such as the logo. In this way, your account will be easily detected. Also, small business SEO services usually generate high-quality content for the website. Sharing this content in the business account is also an excellent way to optimize the account.

Another technique of SEO services for a small business to improve trustworthiness and get the attention of the niche is through customer reviews. Good reviews can influence sales positively. However, managers should not ignore or respond rudely to negative feedback. It is better to sincerely reply and solve the problems of clients. Also, pushing clients to do reviews can backlash. Therefore, business owners should encourage feedback through rewards such as discounts or only through asking. 

Get Customer Reviews

Getting feedback from a customer brings many benefits to the business. It is an essential part of small business SEO services. First, companies can use these reviews in their official websites as testimonials. Besides, in all platforms, from social media accounts to review sites or Google Account, positive customer reviews build accountability. While potential clients can be hesitant about the claims of the business itself, they will surely trust the comments of their peers. Therefore, customer reviews will not only increase the ranking of the website in Google search, but also improve Word-of-Mouth and boost sales.

As a result, customer feedback directly affects three main blocks of SEO services for a small business, which are ranking, CTR, and Conversion Rate. For further information, Clickthrough Rate indicates the ratio of users who clicked the link(website or page) over the total number of people who have seen the link. The conversion rate, meanwhile, shows the portion of people who were converted over the number of visitors. 

Reviews are essential, but collecting them requires special attention. It is not advisable to pressure clients to share their reviews. It is neither ethical nor beneficial for retention. Instead, business managers or salespeople can politely ask for a review while closing the sale. It is also common to send follow-up emails, again asking clients to share their feedback for others. Some businesses also show their gratitude by offering discounts or cash rebates to people who review. 

Create Specific Content

small business SEO services

One of the best ways to get the attention of the niche is through advancing user experience. The general idea is that the website will rank higher if the niche stays on the site for a more extended period. Hence, business managers and providers of small business SEO services have to engage visitors by understanding what they want. 

Let us take a case where the niche is the local, middle-aged, married people with kids. One of the strategies to get their attention can be posting regular materials that relate to them. For example, elaborating local news in engaging blogs that relate to the business can be useful. It is essential to understand the challenges of the niche and what they are looking for. The more the company understands the needs of the niche, the more relatable it will be. 

Also, other types of media elements, such as videos and pictures, can be helpful. Local business owners can show their unbreakable bonds with the community by supporting local charities and creating a video of that. Such activities strengthen the relationship between the niche and the brand through engaging methods like videos. As a result, positive Word-of-Mouth spreads, and people visit, stay on the website for a longer period, which increases the ranking. 

Optimize for Mobile Devices

During recent years, people shift from desktop search to mobile search because of the improved functionality and simplicity of mobile devices. It is also expected that this shift will continue, and mobile searches will dominate desktop queries. 

Mobile optimization is prohibitive for small businesses. It only requires several simple steps that do not cost fortunes. One of the first things to consider is fitting the web design to mobile screens. As they are much smaller than the computer screens, the content must be highly visible, and pages are easy to navigate. Using bigger fonts, shorter paragraphs, or finger-friendly buttons are some examples of mobile optimization. Also, small businesses need to check their page speed. While this strategy is generally an essential part of small business SEO services, it matters a lot more in mobile versions. The reason is that page speed can be sufficient with the Wi-Fi networks at computers, while mobile data can create problems when a visitor uses a mobile device. 

Choose Related Keywords

Keyword research and selection is a fundamental block of small business SEO services. Any service provider tries to find related keywords that the niche of the brand uses in their searches. Whether business owners get the help of the affordable SEO services for a small business or do their search engine optimization, keyword is usually where the optimization starts. 

Many tools exist to help SEO specialists to find keywords that are relevant to the niche. Once they discover the keywords, they locate them to headings, paragraphs, meta descriptions, or URLs. 

In the case of small businesses and unique niches, it is a good idea to use specific keywords than general ones. For instance, if a company sells vegan cakes and locates in New York, it is advisable to use ‘vegan cakes’ or ‘in New York’ phrases in the keywords. Also, the length of the keywords matter. Till now, people considered short keywords more effective. However, currently, long-tail keywords have become an integral part of small business SEO services. Such long versions can specify the intent in more detail rather than the short versions. Plus, as people tend to use more voice research, they usually ask questions such as ‘Where to buy vegan birthday cakes in New York,’ instead of merely vegan cakes, in the search query. Hence, long-tail keywords have proved to be more effective. 

Link Social Media Accounts

Social media is an excellent way to promote brands, increase awareness, and establish a brand image. It is a medium to connect potential and current customers with small businesses. The effectiveness of social media in marketing the content, attracting customers through media elements such as videos, GIFs, or photos is already proved. However, it is also one of the essential strategies of SEO services for a small business to boost Google ranking.

What matters here is creating a network where all social media accounts are linked to each other and the official website. Such a system facilitates search engines like Google to detect what your business is about and whether it is reliable or not. If more people follow the accounts, like or share, the algorithms conclude that the brand is trustworthy. Also, social media accounts once again indicate to which keywords the small business offerings are related. 

Besides communication with the search engine, social media accounts improve positive Word-of-Mouth. People from the main niche can share the posts which will be visible to other people from the same group. Therefore, engaging content will attract more visitors to the website, and hence more conversion and less bounce rate. 

Create Location Pages

Search engines usually crawl into the website to find out what your business is about through the keywords. In this way, they ensure that the site appears in related search queries. Therefore, it is better to have a location-specific landing page, so that the search engine can show the website to users in this location. 

Business managers or specialists of affordable SEO services for a small business can create such pages by including the address, working hours, phone number, or testimonials on the page. It is also a good idea to link Google Maps to the page. If a business exists in more than one location, creating separate pages for each of them is advisable. Sharing unique content for each and using related keywords with location details will ensure that the page is visible to the target niche. In case a small business has only one location, its “About Us” page will play a more critical role than the landing pages for a location. Other than the before-mentioned techniques, specialists and managers can include more details about the area, and prove that they are a part of the local community through meaningful vision and mission statements. 

Optimize for Voice Search

small business SEO

Some small businesses can ignore voice search or think they do not need it currently. However, voice searching is becoming popular day by day due to the increased usage of voice-assisted devices. It is widespread nowadays to get help from such devices, Alexa, Siri, or Google Home, which works through voice commands. 

The critical difference that voice search brings is the importance of long-tail keywords. While typing, people can use short texts. However, voice search is more conversational, which increases the length of the query. For instance, instead of “homemade cookies,” people can ask, “Where to buy homemade cookies with Almond in New Jersey.” Such long queries are in favor of small businesses with exact niches. By including more related words and location details in their keywords, they can improve their ranking. 

Another essential point that business managers and SEO services for a small business should consider is the structure of the information for digital marketing campaigns. It is better to include questions in the contents and short answers, together with the long ones. A user who is looking for quick answers can enjoy the generated brief information while a detailed paragraph can follow for more insights. To sum up, Voice Search is not avoidable in the near future, and it should be a part of small business SEO services. 

Build Links

Small business in specific niches usually has the advantage of supporting partners. For example, they can be very close to the vendors as they have a limited number of options. If a business operates locally, their bonds with other parties get even more substantial. Local communities, events, charities, suppliers - all can help small businesses to promote their offerings and have higher ranks in the search engines. 

The way these parties help is through backlink building. Links play an essential role in small business SEO services. They direct visitors to other websites to your pages. Small businesses should also consider that not all links will improve their ranking. Only the backlinks that come from quality websites with high authority helps to guide search engine algorithms and prove the reliability of the destination site. 

Affordable SEO services for a small business can build backlinks through several optimization strategies. First, creating high quality, engaging, and informative content is helpful to get backlinks. Also, these materials should be related to the business and reflect its essence. Second, getting the help of guest bloggers from reputable websites is an effective strategy for link building. These guests can also be influencers or other popular leaders within the community of the niche. In local businesses, asking partners such as suppliers, charitable organizations, or sponsorship events to link back can increase the visibility of a website, too. 

Get the Help of Business Directories

Other than creating Google Business Account, small businesses can also use other platforms to get access to their niches. Yelp, YellowPages, or Foursquare are some examples of such directories that will lead interested people into your business. 

It is essential to include the same information that mentioned before in the Google Business Account requirements. The name of the business, current address, active phone number, description of the company as well as the backlink to the website is necessary to help potential clients discover the site. As time passes, there may be duplicates of the same listing. In these cases, a small business should claim the removal of all copies and the creation of one united listing. Plus, business owners should ensure that the information in these directories is up-to-date. 

Final Words

The abundance of search engine optimization strategies exist. However, not all of them fit the needs of small businesses with specific niches. Hence, small companies need to adjust the general SEO techniques to their operations or use unique methods to improve their ranking for the target niche. In this article, we discussed ten fundamental strategies of small business SEO services that will make companies visible to their audience. These optimization methods affect every piece of the business, including social media accounts, an official website, and its relation with third parties. Many more strategies also exist. However, those are the basics and relatively more straightforward steps for better ranking, conversion, and sales.