It is free to sign up for an account on a social media network. Everyone can open a business account on Facebook or a Twitter account. But monitoring social media is time drain activity. It is also hard to find someone who has enough experience in managing social media accounts. If your social media manager is not the right person, your campaign is going to break your pockets. Webzool provides customers with social media marketing services for major social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Our professional and experienced team will help you to build an online presence. Depending on social media platforms that you want to promote your business, the cost of social media marketing is different. Do you wonder about the cost of social media marketing? We are going to present social media pricing on each channel.

How much does it cost to advertise on different social networks?

You can promote your brand on a specific platform that has more users, and you will pay more in ads because competition for ad space is higher than other platforms. Let’s look at the cost of social media marketing on different platforms.


Facebook has more than one billion daily active users, that makes it one of the most popular social media platform in the world. When you advertise your brand on Facebook, there is a huge chance to reach your target audience.

Setting up a business account on Facebook is entirely free. But if you are interested in attracting more customers, there are some paid options for ads.

How much does it cost to advertise your brand on Facebook?

Facebook ads

When you create paid ads, Facebook offers you a lot of optimization options that help you to achieve your goals of social media marketing: They are as follows: Page likes, Clicks to a website, Website conversions, APP installs, Send a message.

You can manage your ads through Ads Manager on Facebook. For instance, you can require to give you the best conversions at the most reasonable prices. You can set a budget for your ad campaign. Furthermore, you can choose between CPM and CPC models.

Usually, CPC is very costly, but the good thing about CPC is that you only pay for interested users who click your ads. It varies regarding your goals and the audience that you want to reach.

Facebook likes

When you create an ad campaign on Facebook, you are not the only one who wants to get more likes. According to the statistics, the average cost of each like is around $0.57. If you are going to increase the number of followers on Facebook without wasting your budget, it is an excellent chance to connect with more users.

Boosted posts

On Facebook, it is also available to promote your new or existing posts to display your posts to more people regarding your target audience you choose. Depending on your target audience and the number of users you want to reach, the cost of the boosted posts changes. CPM model is used to charge for promoted posts. The average price of boosted posts is around $6.35 for 1000 views.



Like other social networks, on Twitter, it is free to sign up and set up a business account. If you are planning to reach more people, there are paid ads options on Twitter as well. Let’s talk about some options on Twitter.

Promoted tweets

If you want your tweets to be displayed to more users, there is an option to promote them. If you promote your tweets, Twitter displays them as promoted in users’ timelines. You are going to pay in terms of engagement they earn for your business such as likes, retweets, and replies. The average cost of promoted tweets is $1.35.

Promoted accounts

You also have an option to promote your account. İf you would like to increase brand recognition and get more followers, it seems it is a perfect alternative.

It would be better to enter a bid depending on how much you are eager to pay for each new follower rather than bidding on engagements. The average cost is changing depending on your target audience, but probably, you will pay $2.50-$4 per follower.

Promoted trends

You have an option to promote trends on Twitter. Twitter lists “Trend topics” to notify people of the most popular hashtags and topics. At the top of the list, users can see promoted trends, and it is usually classified as “promoted.”

You are available to use a combination of promoted tweets, accounts and trends to reach more people and help them to learn about your brand more.



Like Facebook and Twitter, it does not cost anything to set up a business account on Linkedin. But you have different paid options that help you to increase connections and brand awareness.

Linkedin Ads

It is possible to create a sidebar ad that is shown beside user’s feeds and pages they visit. Thumbnail image is included in these brief ads, and its design gets people to click to visit your website.

Linkedin ads let you target your promotion in terms of the size of the user’s company, job title, industry, name, category and so on.

Like Facebook, Linkedin uses both CPC and CPM models. With CPC model, you will pay every time if someone clicks your ad. The minimum bid is $2. However, Linkedin suggests bidding around $5.55-$9.33.  There is an option to set a daily budget, and you can set your ad to run indefinitely or until a specific date.

The minimum bid of the CPM model is the same as the CPC model. But LinkedIn suggests you submit the minimum $2.85-$4.62.

Sponsored updates


Like Facebook’s sponsored posts and Twitter’s promoted tweets, you can sponsor updates on LinkedIn as well.

Sponsored updates will be seen in other posts in user’s feeds, but Linkedin will label them as a sponsored under your business name. To promote an update, as the first step, you will have to select your current update from your Linkedin account. The targeting options are the same as the regular options.

Sponsored posts and regular post have similar pricing model, but recommended bids are a little bit different.

With CPC model, you will have to pay at least $2.50. However, Linkedin recommends bidding $5.67-$10.09. In other respects, the minimum payment is $10.50 for the CPM model with a recommended bid of $18.55-$28.91. The daily budget has to be at least $10 for sponsored updates as well.


Setting up an Instagram account is free of charge like other social media platforms. However, you can boost your Instagram posts that appear as “sponsored post” in the user’s feed.

In the beginning, Instagram sponsored ads were available to well-known brands. Now they are accessible to everyone via the Facebook ad manager. The average cost for this type of social media marketing you can expect to pay is $6.70 for every thousand views of photo ad. Video ads are also available on Instagram, expected payment for every thousand views is $3. You can always utilize a variety of financial calculators in order to estimate your cost of social media marketing. This will allow you to make rough estimations and it will make sure that you will have enough resources to allocate to other essential tasks that will ultimately boost your business growth.