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The Impact of Technology on Graphic Design Services


This article will discuss how graphic design services have changed in the past years, thanks to technology, and where it's headed.

Anar Karimli


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Creativity in graphic design services requires designers to try new methods in their work. The continually changing trends have also impacted these innovations. Considering the fact that the value of this industry is over $60 billion per year, the top designers will keep surprising with exceptionally unique products. And to understand where the graphic design industry heads to, we should check its evolution in the near past. This article will discuss how graphic design services have changed in the past years, thanks to technology. 

How Have Graphic Design Services Changed Thanks to Technology?


Generating a new advertisement or a logo used to take several days, sometimes weeks in the past. This was typical several decades ago. Designers would need the patience of a prophet to draw every potential design with the availability of the pen and paper. Luckily, that is not the case anymore. Thanks to technology, it takes only a couple of hours to create a professional design now. In this, advanced design applications assist web development services and graphic design services significantly. 


Decades ago, designers would also have to send the completed design to their prospective customers through post or courier. Customers, in turn, would analyze and come up with some modifications they wanted the designer to make. The designer would then have to come back with the changes. And it would go on like this until both parties would reach a mutual point. With advancements in technology, the process of communication has become a piece of cake. Now a completed design can be sent through a smartphone within a few seconds. And any necessary modifications can be made in hours or even minutes. 

Fascinating Cameras

Nowadays, cameras are more accessible and can take higher pixel resolution photos. Progressive smartphones, such as iPhone X, enable designers to take creative images and make their use in designs. In fact, such smartphones have allowed even amateur people to be interested in graphic web design services


graphic design services

One of the crucial impact of technology on graphic design is about production. Today, it is possible to produce things on a large scale and automate the production processes. It means any product from nameplates to newspapers can be generated for mass consumption. 

At the time when designs were produced on the basis of hand drawings, the production was obviously limited by human restrictions. Bear in mind that 3D printing and other new methods becoming more complicated will lead to this expansion.


The competition has now become more intense in the market for designers due to the increase in information sharing. People who want to pursue a career in this field should now be more creative to market themselves. Innovativeness and creativity are anyway the main aspects that a graphic designer must possess. But when your competitors are also rich with such features, you should find more unique ways to differentiate yourself from them. Otherwise, you will lose this mighty battle. This change in terms of the competition will indeed make things more challenging for individuals. But for a collective market, the future of graphic design will only be better off by this trend. 


Accessibility is another significantly positive impact that has been gifted to the field of graphic design by technology. Today, graphic design services and individual designers access multiple tools to implement their tasks. For instance, Adobe is arguably the best one among them. It is not a secret that people should have the required knowledge to be able to use such tools. Yet, there are hundreds of videos on Youtube and other video platforms explaining how to use them. These videos provide adequate knowledge for individuals to easily learn to use such instruments. 

What to Expect from Graphic Design in 2020?

If you are also a graphic designer, you should know what type of trends are likely to emerge in this industry in 2020. The same applies to those who are looking forward to being one.

3D Still in Rise

The rise of 3D in the realm of graphic design happened gradually and reached its peak in 2019. No doubt, it will not suddenly vanish in 2020. Vice versa, the use of 3D in graphic design is expected to rise even higher in 2020. So, this year we are likely to see more fascinating designs based on 3D. To make their designs look even more attractive, designers will probably combine their 3D design with things like photos. In a nutshell, you should be aware of this trend. 

Shiny Metals to Make Your Design Shine

Metallic materials have established themselves as original trends in graphic design services. The metals are, in particular, useful for branding identity. One of the exciting aspects of this type of material is that they have a minimalist design overall. It is because the main focus is targeted on the metallic effect. According to my observations, designers mainly use gold in this regard. The gold signifies class, luxury, and good taste. It is worth mentioning that one can use shiny surfaces instead of matte ones, as well, to achieve metallic effect. 

Play with Typography

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The typography used in graphic design is expected to blossom even flourish in 2020. It is truly a great way to grab the attention of people through using creative components, gorgeous flowers, etc. 

In 2019, maxi typography was already quite wide-spread. In 2020, it can even be more demanding that designers are likely to place words in two lines. 

Speaking about thickness, I should tell that the thicker the words are, the better it is. Heavy fonts are already trending in the world of graphic design. You can notice them on posters, logos, even on package designs. So, do not get surprised when you see such extraordinary fonts.

Drawing shapes is also going to get its place in the typography in 2020. You can see circles, curves, etc. in the design elements of 2020. The shapes can be in 3D format, too. 

Isometric Illustrations

Isometric illustrations have been there for years. Rationally, they have seen several transformations. They are mainly known for being able to illustrate 3D objects on 2D surfaces.

In 2020, isometric illustrations are supposed to become a wholly animated and engaging element to use. I think in the near future they will reach a point where it will seem like a real 3D look.


Graphic design is a continually changing field. If you are also a part of a graphic design services company, it is a must for you to be aware of the latest web design trends. To ensure that you also know how the graphic design has altered since the near past and how it is going to become in 2020, supposedly, I provided you with the necessary aspects you should know. Lastly, bear in mind that creative professionals in Webzool are always ready to assist you with any type of graphic design tasks. To learn more about related topics, you can check out our blogs page, too.