A massive number of sites are built on the internet every hour. Some of the designs are stimulated by ancient and classic web design, while others prefer to use new trendy designs with vibrant colors. A few of the web design trends that I'll show you are already pulling the industry forward and helping the owners with conversion rates.




Vibrant Color Schemes


The innovative material design which is the design language developed by Google in 2014 allows designers to play with bright colors in the controlled setting. Partially, we have to thank Google and its material design for influencing the new trends in web design since people have been experimenting a lot with design trends for websites in the past years. However, if we did not have the technological advances - state-of-the-art devices and capable displays, there would be no need for such web design trends and bright colors. Our screens are now more suitable for reproducing vibrant colors. Designers decide to go for a clashing appearance by choosing one of the trends to improve brand reputation and immediately grab their visitors' attention. The best method of keeping up with the present trends is to understand how to play with shadows and depths.



Working with shadows


Working with shadows is nothing new, but the improvements in the progress of browsers are allowing designers to step their shading game up and create different trends. Various layers and parallax designs produced an entirely different playing area by building an image of another world behind the monitor. A capable instrument of any present-day web design is to have pictures and even moving photos or illustrations on your website. Article backgrounds are an excellent way of snatching your users’ attention and leave a memorable impression within seconds.

Asymmetry and broken grids are among the latest trends. They are building up a lot of popularity as they offer a creative and engaging layout to your website in contrast to the traditional - image must fit into that box style. Asymmetrical layouts are unique and distinctive and will surely leave a lasting impression. We do not expect that large-scale brands with sophisticated content marketing will follow this trend as it is more appealing to those brands that want to set themselves apart.


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence became a part of web design trends and mainstream web trends through technologies such as conversational interfaces like chat BOTS. Mobile browsing has exceeded desktop usage because it is much more convenient and with that, the portable design has matured. Web designers now have to pay attention to how the website will look on mobile devices.


Nowadays, it is simple to build a website with basic animation. However, there is something, even extra, user-centered - Micro Interactions on the Web. Moving from mobile applications to sites micro-interactions are acting like an animated response to user behavior. For instance, if somebody presses on an icon and hovers to animate a drop down the design element would react respectively.


We all love illustrations, who doesn’t? They are great and versatile media that add a playful, fun, energetic and friendly feel to your website. Artists can make illustrations that have the personality of your brand and communicate your message to your visitors in a tone you desire.




Animations are slowly taking over the world wide web. Animated graphics are an excellent way to entertain your visitors while the page is loading. We can except blobs and other organic shapes this year as they add a dynamic and a unique feel to a website’s design. It is used to visually anchor landing pages and serves to create the illusion of motion on a site. Usually, blob sits in the lowest layer of a design and is filled with a gradient. You can even integrate animations to work with scrolling and navigation. It is an excellent way of telling your brand’s story through your website and creating web design trends. If you are not a huge fan of using animations, you can create another creative approach which is as unique as the previous one:


Hand Drawn Elements


Hand drawn elements are becoming a trend again. You do not necessarily have to draw your entire website from scratch. However, you can use hand-drawn elements to highlight a specific part of your site. Since the release of the CSS Grid layouts, a lot of new properties has been added to the spec pushing the layout development even further. We expect that Flexbox and CSS grid duo trend will grow this year. Additionally using CSS grid makes it very easy to code grid layouts with dynamic features of web design.


Fluid Shapes



The next one started thanks to geometric focus designs. Similarly to the blob, fluid shapes are beginning to appear more and more throughout the web. The trend evolved from strict and geometric shapes into something more fluid. Also, you could even add depth and movement to these shapes. You can use the right font combinations and typography to add personality and set the tone of your website while communicating relevant information. With the technological improvements to display screens and device resolutions are getting better, a text is becoming easier to read, which is why we are expecting the beautiful typography trend to last a few more years.


As with any other creative industry, trends for web design are difficult to predict since the market and technology is ever changing. However, if we take into consideration last year’s trends, we can at least know in which direction those trends are going. Twelve months is a lot of time, and anything can happen. We hope that we will be pleasantly surprised shortly by newer trends.


How to choose fonts for your website


  Now that we have discussed various trends, the importance of choosing the fonts for your website should not be neglected as this is the significant part of digital marketing. Different fonts can add many vibes to your site and change the perception of your brand in people’s minds. Appropriateness is the first thing you want to take into account when selecting a font for your site. Your website has to be full of fonts to reflect your brand appropriately.


You should choose fonts that are refined and sophisticated which will accurately represent your brand with one of the best web design trends. If you changed one of your script fonts to another, the mood would instantly change, and suddenly the customer’s entire experience and perception of the brand will be different. Remember, Typefaces have a considerable impact on your website’s overall voice and mood.


Legibility & Readabilty




These might sound similar, but in terms of your online store, they are incredibly diverse. Being able to differentiate every letter precisely is legibility. However, readability refers to how text is put so that the eye can quickly read the content. Some things that affect the readability of a text include is the space between paragraphs. It also includes letter spacing - spaces between letters or a group of letters and text size and color. It is a good rule of thumb never to use a font smaller than 12 points and always carefully consider color contrast.


Font Pairings


Another tip is to attentively examine your font pairings as they also contribute a lot to web design. There isn’t an exact science to pairing fonts. However, there are a few ways to find complimentary looks for your web design. The general rule is that opposites attract.


Choosing the best design from trends for your website is something worth doing. However, designing a site takes more than just selecting a web design and applying it on your site. You might also add artificial intelligence to your website which will help your customers and make your website look professional. You should also take your time to try different font styles to determine which might best suit your brand. The perfect combination of web design trends and fonts along with other things will make your site perfect and irresistible to look at.