Comprehensive Online Display Advertising Solutions

Want to increase your traffic and collect more leads? 

  • We help you reach more people at targeted places online through effective banner advertising campaigns. 

  • Promote your brand to the people that matter to your business, be it web browsers, email users, or YouTubers. 

  • Expand your reach with display ads on the platforms most relevant to your target audience, whether that be mobile devices or apps.  

  • Customize your designs for maximum attraction and grab the attention of more viewers online.

Our Display Advertising Campaigns

We don’t just run your ads; we help you launch online display advertising campaigns that convert more sales. Revenue generation is our end game. Hence we pay attention to the following: 

  • Smart targeting - Using the smartest targeting strategies, your display ads become more interactive and offer web page visitors a more individual experience. 

  • Audience Location - Your banners are displayed to the audience with interest to click, on their favorite sites and apps. Whether they are B2B marketing or B2C, guaranteeing a higher clickthrough rate and more conversions

  • Strategic Placement - A fresh marketing tactic that positions your banners in the right position on the relevant web pages to maximize visibility and appeal

  • Effective Visual Designs - Expert application of the latest design trends to create banners people compelling enough to click

  • Advertising Analysis - Know what’s working and where to make changes through evaluative research and in-depth analysis of the performances of your online display advertising campaigns.

A New Approach to Display Ads

online display advertising

We take a long term approach to our online display advertising campaigns. We believe you can increase brand reputation and online sales with the right help. Hence our team of digital marketing experts uses the following approach to effective display advertising to get you the results you expect:

  • Research - Knowledge of your industry, business, and audiences ensures the right ad at the right location for the right audience at the right time. 

  • Testing - We use different approaches and test the performances of different ads to determine the perfect fit for your online display advertising that meets your business objectives. 

  • Creativity - Through creative designs, your landing pages and banners deliver the same message through changes and iterating made to both pieces based on feedback gathered from your audience.

  • Optimization - Data collected through A/B testing helps to perfect your display advertising into the most relevant pieces for the right users. 

  • Retargeting - You get the opportunity to bring back lost traffic by running retargeting campaigns that persuade prospects and convert them into paying customers. 

Why Choose Webzool

We don’t ask you to choose us based on our wins, but based on our losses - because we have none. Our customers can attest to this fact. They trust us with the future of their business because they know we deliver results such as: 

  • Significant increase in sales figures - Proven conversion of leads due to more effective landing pages. 

  • High-quality traffic, not just quantity - Reach the right users on the sites they frequent to ensure your offer interests them.

  • Massive online present boost - Brand recognition with a higher reputation on the internet through placements on our partner display advertising networks

  • Maximum return on investment - Achieve a great return on ad spend (ROAS) of at least 3:1.  

Get Started Today

Let our display advertising experts that supercharge your online display advertising campaigns for long-term performance and exponential growth. In a matter of four steps, you can start meeting your display advertising goals and take your business to new heights. 

  • Choose your objective

  • Select your target audience

  • Define your budget

  • Get ready for success

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Display Advertising FAQs 

online display advertising

What is online display advertising?

Online display advertising is the use of visuals like images, graphics, and videos to promote products and services on the networks of publisher websites such as Facebook and Google Display Network. They are positioned on third-party and affiliate websites based on their relevance to the website and its visitors. Usually, display advertising is either in the form of image, banner, or text ads. 

What are the different types of display ads?

We categorize our online display advertising into six different types, namely:

Expandable banners - Banner ads that expand automatically to tell their story. 

360 Display Ads - These types of display ads change flat content into spherical forms for more attraction. 

Rich media - This is a collective term for describing the display ads in the form of GIFs, animated graphics, playable games, etc. These are a step up from your usual video or banner ads. 

Interstitial - These types usually take over a user’s entire browser window or phone screen. 

Overlay - These are the usual partially transparent popup ads you may encounter in your app or browser window. 

3D Display - These are realistic presentations of animated 3D objects located in your banner. They help present the product or services more attractively and interactively. 

What’s an ad network?

This is an online advertising network that serves as the intermediary between marketers or advertisers and the websites they’d like to host their advertisement. 

What is an ad server?

Many web users confuse ad servers and ad networks. This is partly because the two terms were introduced to the digital marketing, SEO, and PPC industry at roughly the same period. However, they are different terms in that; an ad server is a type of technology that ad networks and other stakeholders in the online-advertising ecosystem such as ad agencies, publishers, and advertisers use to run, report and manage advertising campaigns. 

Why use display advertising?

Ultimately, your reasons for using online display advertising will depend on the objectives your business wants to achieve. However, they are generally used to drive traffic to landing pages to sell products, gain subscribers, or promote a service. They are combined with other digital marketing channels to achieve many different objectives online. 

What is a good return on ad spend?

A good return on ad spend, otherwise called ROAS is the essential metric in online advertisement. Usually, it is the average return you project to earn from every dollar you spend launching your online display advertising campaign. Generally, three to five times, ROAS is considered accepted by most marketers. However, targets can vary depending on the company and the particular products being promoted. 

What is the best approach to display advertising?

Due to the customer-centric nature of online display advertising, our ads overcome banner blindness. We believe it’s easy for marketers to lose sight of the main objective in the pursuit of audience attraction and retention. Hence, we adopt an approach that aligns your business objective and audience interest with displaying advertising. Thus, your business goals and the interests of your target audience converge onto your landing page.